About Zayati - Bahrain's Leading Automotive Guide

Zayati.com is Middleeast's leading car search venture that helps users buy cars that are right for them. Zayati has always striven to serve car buyers and owners in the most comprehensive and convenient way possible. We provide a platform where car buyers and owners can research, buy, sell and come together to discuss and talk about their cars.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring joy and delight into car buying and ownership. To achieve this goal, we aim to empower Indian consumers to make informed car buying and ownership decisions with exhaustive and un-biased information on cars through our expert reviews, owner reviews, detailed specifications and comparisons. We understand that a car is by and large the second-most expensive asset a consumer associates his lifestyle with.

How did Zayati get named?

After endless debate over several cups of coffee, we came up with the name Zayati. We decided to keep the idea of My Car at the center and choose a name that is short, easy to remember and makes people think of Car. Zayati's got a zing to it and is originally a play on the word 'Sayarti',Translated from Arabic word meaning 'My Car'.